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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn


Topaz Labs Products

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I've used Topaz products for about two years now and I love them. I processed the image of the red barn below using Topaz products Adjust, Clarity, Texture Effects, and Impression to achieve this look.

Original Fuji Image

Processed with Topaz Software

New from Topaz Labs: Topaz Studio!

Topaz Labs recently released its new free editor's toolbox, Topaz Studio. This free editor comes with an ever-growing library of customizable one-click effects and 24 powerful adjustments included in the free editor.

And it works with any of the Topaz Labs plug-ins you already own.

And, you can purchase 14 Pro Adjustments - available individually or as a complete pack - all currently 50% off! 

To download the free Topaz Studio, access the Pro Adjustment packs, or set up a Pro Pack 30-day free trial, go here to find everything you need!

Aurora HDR 2017

Fonthill Castle, processed with Aurora HDR and Topaz Texture Effects
© Rad A. Drew

I've used Aurora HDR for a couple years now and so was very excited with the release of Aurora HDR 2017 in the fall of 2016. 
Click Here. Use code RADHDR10 for a 10% discount on all MacPhun products.

Spencer's Camera for Infrared Conversions

Lone Tree, Palouse, Shot with LUMIX DMC LX7 converted to IR
© Rad A. Drew

If you'd like to explore infrared photography, you'll need to have a camera converted, or you'll need to purchase a camera that's already outfitted with an infrared sensor. 

I purchased a Lumix DMC LX7 from Spencer's Camera in 2014 and I continue to enjoy the results!

If you'd like to try IR photography, the folks as Spencer's can tell you if a camera you have is a good candidate for conversion, or they'll help you select a camera for purchase.

Use the code RADDREW25 for a $25 discount off any order over $150. Purchases under $150, with few a exceptions, will receive a 10% discount. You'll also have prioritized treatment including faster completion of orders.

Mosaic Books

Get $10 Off Your First Mosaic

You create your Mosaic Book on your iPhone using the Mosaic app from Mosaic Photo Books by Mixbook by Interactive Memories.

Plotograph Pro

Animate your images with Plotograph Pro. It's quick, it's easy and it's FUN! Use the code RADDREW at the Plotograph Pro site for a 10% discount.

Patricia, Cuban National Ballet, © Rad A. Drew
Animation by Plotograph Pro