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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

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During These Surreal Times
March 30, 2020

This image, Poppies in Olive Grove, I dedicate to my friends in the Tuscany region where this image was made. Thankfully, all of our friends in this hard-hit region of the world report that they are well and are staying home.

As I write this, most of our country and the world are practicing social distancing in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. My best wishes for health and safety go out to you and your family and friends during these trying times.

To my friends and others who are in the medical profession as doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other medical staff who are going to work everyday to care for others, I commend you for your commitment and sacrifice. 

When news of this pandemic broke, I was in Cuba leading two photography workshops to photograph dancers of the Cuban National Ballet. 

Members of our groups flew home from Havana to various destinations throughout the US, many traveling through airports in states, like Florida, that had already declared a state of emergency. 

I'm relieved to report that none of the members of these two groups, the last of which returned home on March 15, has exhibited symptoms of the disease after the two week quarantine window. And, none of our Cuban friends has reported illness, either. 

The lion's share of my business consists of photo travel tours and workshops to destinations throughout the USA, Cuba, and Europe, all of which are in a holding pattern until further notice.

As of today, I've cancelled all travel workshops through June 30. The others I'll decide about in July based on the current status . 

For anyone who has paid a deposit or workshop fee for a canceled workshop, you can expect a full refund by no later than April 15. If you have questions about any of these trips, please email me here

In an effort to continue to serve my clients, and sustain my business, I'm turning my focus to more on-line training events that can be done via webinar.  

Online training videos and webinars is something that I've done for several years. With current travel restrictions, I'll have more time to focus on these alternative ways to connect with others and share our common passion of photography. 

If you would like to make the best of our collective "downtime" to advance your skills in mobile photography, infrared photography, or post processing with Topaz Labs editing tools, you may find some of my upcoming webinars of interest. 

Also, if you are part of a camera club or photography organization, invite me to host a webinar for your group. Everyone can gather virtually and share a learning experience, but from the comfort and safety of home. 

I hosted my first club webinar with the Delaware Photographic Society on Monday, April 6, and another for the Baltimore Camera Club on Thursday, April 30. I have several others scheduled throughout May. The ones we've held to date have gone really well! Watch my newsletter for ongoing updates!

For other learning opportunities, most of which are completely free, visit my YouTube Channel and click the subscribe button

And, subscribe to my newsletter for tips on new apps, desktop software, discounts and more.

Thank you for your continued support! 

Please be safe and stay healthy as we navigate these unprecedented times. Let's keep on creating and having fun skill building so we're ready to get out there again when this is all over!




Photograph and Learn on 
the Magical Island of Moloka'i

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Photography Society of America
Post-Festival iPhone Workshop

Tuscany 2020!
October 8-15, 2020

Poppies and Olive Grove, Tuscany

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