Rad A. Drew Photography: How I Did It!™; Create Infrared Images on Your iPhone Recording Now Available for Purchase

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

How I Did It!™; Create Infrared Images on Your iPhone Recording Now Available for Purchase

Update April 30

Just this week I received both the Moment Case and Drop-in Filter Mount, and the new Moondog Multi-Camera Filter Mount V3 (MMCFM V3). 

Manufacturing delays with the new Moondog Multi-Camera Filter Mount V3 (MMCFM V3) and a shipping SNAFU with the Moment Case for the 13 Pro Max caused the delay.

I’m excited to share that the new MMCFM V3 from MoonDogLabs is resolving the focus and light leak issues previously experienced with the 13 series phones. It’s unclear WHY these problems are no longer an issue. I can only guess that the V3 with its narrower openings for the 26mm and 77mm lenses and the distance it puts the filter from the lenses have something to do with it. 

Bottom line? I’m now using the Moment case and V3 filter mount and I’m getting the IR results from the 13 Pro Max that have eluded me until now. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive post about creating IR with the new accessories.


Previous Note

Note to iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Users: 

Since this webinar was created, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and other iPhone 13 phones were released

This video tutorial does not address issues that prevent using the iPhone 13's Native camera to create infrared images. 

While wonderful results are achievable with the 13 phones, it's necessary to use other camera apps including Camera + 2, Halide, and Lightroom to create IR with the iPhone 13 phones. 

Here is a link to my recent Blog Post about some of the issues with the iPhone 13 and some work-arounds for IR until Apple makes some changes.

One of the favorite and most convenient methods for creating IR with the 12 Pro Max is to use the native camera and Night Mode. With the dark infrared filter on the phone, Night Mode activates and allows us to create a wonderful IR image, handholding (without a tripod). 

Due to changes introduced  in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, using the native camera to create IR is not an option at this time. It's unclear whether an iOS update may allow IR to be done with the iPhone 13's native camera in the future or not. 

Wonderful infrared images can still be created with the iPhone 13 Pro Max with other camera options including Camera +2, Halide, and Lightroom for Mobile. For these options, a tripod is recommended for the best results.

If you are using the iPhone 12 Pro Max or earlier, this video covers everything you need to know about how to create and process extraordinary infrared images with your iPhone! 

If you are using a 13 Pro or Pro Max, everything in the video applies to the 13 Pro phones EXCEPT instructions about using the native camera to create infrared images. – Rad

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iPhone 12 Pro Max 720nm Infrared

Did you miss my August webinar on creating infrared images with your iPhone? 

If so, you're in luck!

iPhone 11 Pro Max 720nm Infrared
Stylized in iPhone app, Formulas

Access to a recording of my recent webinar, How I did It!™; Create Infrared Images on Your iPhone is now available for purchase. 

Your purchase will allow you access to the recording through the end of 2022!

In addition to the link to the recording you'll also receive these resource documents:

  • Infrared Camera Chart
  • Infrared Resource Document for iPhone Infrared 

iPhone 12 Pro Max 720nm Infrared

In the webinar you'll learn: 

  • the accessories you will need to make infrared images

  • 3 mobile cameras/apps and methods for creating an infrared images in RAW format

  • 4 different tools for processing RAW infrared files

  • 3 iPhone and 1 desktop processing method for achieving great infrared results

  • Processing instruction including editing sequences and masking tips

  • Participansts will recieve a resource document with links to accessories, and discount codes for some items. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max, 720nm Infrared

Note to Android Users

Android users are welcome with the understanding that this was developed primarily for the iPhone. Not all of the content covered will be directly applicable to Android phones. Accessories for leading androids (Moment cases, Moon Dog Filter Mount, infrared filters) are available, and apps including Lightroom Pro Camera (which provides RAW capture and RAW editing capability) and SnapSeed, are both available for android phones.

You may purchase access to the recording via the PayPal link at the bottom of this page. 

(Please allow 24-48 hours (usually much earlier) to receive links as this is not an automated process, but is done by elves working around the clock to meet your needs. :) )

Thank you!

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