Rad A. Drew Photography: How I Did It! Creating with Topaz February 2022 Available for Purchase

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

How I Did It! Creating with Topaz February 2022 Available for Purchase

Door's Stuck! Amish Boy at Chicken Coop
Fuji X-T2, Processed in Topaz Studio with Impression

During the week of February 21, 2022, I offered the first Topaz Webinar in more than a year. 

If you missed the webinar, How I Did It!™ Creating with Topaz, the recording is now available via the PayPal link below.

Eastern Point Light, Fuji X-T2
Processed in Studio with Impression and Texture Adjustments


Topaz Labs offers some of the best desktop software available today for processing RAW files, stylizing and sharpening images, and eliminating noise. 

In this webinar I'll share the following:

  • My workflow for using Topaz Studio to process RAW, JPEG, and Infrared files from both traditional cameras and the iPhone. 

  • DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI and show how to access these as plug-ins from within Topaz Studio.

  • Various stylizing tools in Topaz Studio including Impression, Textures, and others. 

  • how to get the most from the masking capability in every Topaz adjustment for selective edits

  • how you can use Topaz Gigapixel AI to enlarge small mobile images and cropped sections of larger images so they can be printed large with integrity. 

While Topaz Software is not required to participate in this webinar, those interested in purchasing any of the Topaz Products can get a 15% discount on all products with Rad’s LINK and CODE. 

For those who currently have Topaz tools, Rad's LINK and CODE also provides a 15% discount on Topaz license renewals.

Rad’s LINK: https://topazlabs.com/ref/8/
Rad’s Code: RAD15

The video will remain available for you to view through June 2022.

Cuban Fishing Boat, Fuji X-T2
Processed in Topaz Studio

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