Rad A. Drew Photography: Art of the iPhone Workshop at Pam Miller Downtown Art Center, Lexington!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Art of the iPhone Workshop at Pam Miller Downtown Art Center, Lexington!

Big Walnut Creek, Indiana
iPhone 11 Pro Max, Lightroom for Mobile

The Art of the iPhone
Create Stunning Images with Your iPhone!

April 4, 2020
1:00 to 5:00 PM

Fonthill Castle
iPhone 6
Join Rad for this half-day iPhone Workshop 

In Conjunction with the photo exhibit, Abstraction 2020, Alternative Photography, at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center Showing from February 3 to April 4, 2020

Old Car, in the Palouse
iPhone 10s Max

Workshop Description

Today’s iPhone camera is a dynamic powerhouse for recording images that are at times indistinguishable from images created with more traditional “big” cameras. And, the computing power that fits in the palm of a hand allows us to edit and stylize those images from anywhere. 

Havana, Cuba
iPhone 11 Pro Max, Portrait Mode
In this workshop Rad will share and demonstrate some of his favorite apps, processes, and techniques for creating a variety of images from “straight” landscapes, to beautiful portraits, to highly stylized black and white, vintage, or painterly images. He'll share his workflows and demonstrate how he uses these apps to achieve various results. You’ll explore the iPhone’s powerful and versatile native camera and its features including Live Mode, Portrait Mode, Burst, and Panorama. We’ll discuss shooting and processing RAW and Rad will introduce you to the best RAW processing options for mobile available today. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Rad will introduce select Topaz Labs desktop software tools that are especially useful for eliminating noise from mobile images and increasing the size of images for printing larger with integrity. 

Manaca Iznaga, Cuba
iPhone 11 Pro Max, Portrait Mode
Registrants will receive an app list to download prior to class ($10-$20 maximum in the App Store depending on which version of apps you purchase). 

Dancer, Ballet Nacional de Cuba
iPhone XS Max

Who Is This Workshop For?
  • Anyone with an iPhone of any version!
  • Beginners and More Advanced Mobile Photographers
  • Traditional photographers who want to add the iPhone to their camera bag of resources

This workshop is for anyone with any model iPhone. Rad will teach from the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max, but most of the apps and processes apply to earlier versions of the iPhone as well. 

Note to Android Users
Android users are welcome to attend with the understanding that all demonstrations will be done on an iPhone. Many apps that work on both iPhone and Android platforms will be featured, but some apps and native camera demonstrations will focus exclusively on the iPhone. 

In Conjunction with Photo Exhibit 
This iPhone workshop is offered in conjunction with the photo exhibit, Abstraction 2020, Alternative Photography, February 3 to April 4, at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, Lexington, Kentucky. The exhibit, featuring 5 photographers, will include 17 images created by Rad, many of them with the iPhone.

iPhone XS Max


Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center
141 East Main Street
Lexington, Kentucky, 40507

Dancer, Ballet Nacional de Cuba
iPhone XS Max

Date and Time

Saturday, April 4, 2020
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Eight Sentinals, Tuscany, Italy
iPhone XS Max

About Rad Drew

Rad A. Drew is an acclaimed iPhone photographer and teacher who also shoots with mirrorless and infrared cameras. Rad was listed in the Photography Society of America’s Who’s Who in Photography 2018 in the Editorial Awards category. His creative images have been recognized internationally in Follow the Light, Studo b. Light Impressions, Miami; Mobile Photography Awards, Honorable Mention (2011, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17); Mobile Photography Awards Winner’s Show, SOHO Gallery, NYC; Mobile Shadow Stories Exhibit, SOHO Arthaus, NYC; Mobile Photography Awards, Obscura Gallery, Melbourne, Australia; L.A. Mobile Arts FestivalMIRA Mobile Prize 2017, Porto, Portugal; and more. Rad writes for online photographer’s resources, Luminous Landscape, PhotoPXL.com, and the mobile art network, TheAppWhisperer. He is a contributor to The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone. He is the creator of the popular webinar series, How I Did It!™, and he shares his workflow with 1300 photographers in Topaz Labs webinars. See Rad’s work and tutorials on his websiteFacebookYouTube, and Instagram, and subscribe to his newsletter.

Workshop Cost

$75 per person.

Cliffs at Tropea, Calabria Region, Italy
iPhone XS Max, Pano

Payment is accepted via this secure PayPal link. (You don't need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.)