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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

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Foggy Morning in Tuscany, iPhone XS Max

From iPhones to Traditional Cameras... 

The Role of Inspiration, Creativity, and Technology in Your Photography

Join Creative Photographer

Rad A. Drew 

for this full-day 
Photography Workshop!

iPhone 7 Plus, processed on iPhone

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iPhone 11 Pro Max, Slow Shutter Cam, SnapSeed

Saturday, March 14, 2020

9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Courtyard by Marriott Orlando Downtown
Hibiscus Room
730 N. Magnolia Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

$159 for Orlando Camera Club Members who register before February 11, 2020.

$169 after February 11, 2020

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iPhone 11 Pro Max, Average Cam Pro, SnapSeed

About this Workshop

In this workshop we'll examine what it is that drives us to make images, what keeps us going, and what we can do when inevitable slumps strike and we suffer the equivalent of "writer's block."

Questions like:

  • Am I creative? 
  • Where do I seek inspiration? 
  • How do I find and listen to my inner creative voice?
  • How do I silence the critic in me that prevents me from exploring my vision?
  • What does technology have to do with photography and how do I use it to manifest my vision while not being enslaved by it?
  • How important is it to follow the rules of photography?
  • How do I do what I want when clubs, social media "likes," and competitions seem to demand something that is not "me?"

Tuscany, iPhone XS Max

If you're like many photographers or other artists for that matter, you may run head-on into these questions from time to time. Sometimes we can get stuck in a place where it seems that our creativity has simply up and left, where our identity as a photographer and visual artist is not clear to anyone, even ourselves. It's a place where we are looking for validation for our work from outside of us, instead of in our own heart, mind and soul.

Fuji XE-2, Processed in Topaz Studio

Giving You Back Your Box of Crayons!

My good friend and tremendously creative photographer, Jack Davis, likens our software and cameras - all of them - to a box of crayons, there for each of us to create with. He invites us to remember our childhood and recall our first box of crayons. Oh, the possibilities! At that young age, we were driven by our unbridled enthusiasm! We were ignorant of any rules! We simply wanted to engage in joyful, unbridled PLAY!

Fuji XT-2, Processed in Mask AI and Topaz Studio 2

What You'll Learn

In this workshop we'll explore these baffling questions through our photography. We'll delve into the creative possibilities of our Big Cameras and the iPhone, and by engaging in the post-processing capabilities afforded us by Topaz Labs products like Topaz Studio 2 and other Topaz desktop apps. We'll look at all these tools as our new box of crayons and let ourselves get turned on by the possibilities! 

Fuji XT-2, Processed in Topaz Studio with Impressions

Our Process in the Workshop

Our progress through our day together will not follow a linear trajectory. We will move freely between our thoughts about creativity and our photography, then jump to how the mobile phone can be a useful tool, and how post-processing our "big camera" images on the computer can serve us. 

That said, to share what content we'll cover, I'm going to break the workshop description into two segments:
  1. Using the iPhone as a Creative Tool, and
  2. Crafting Images with Topaz Tools.
iPhone XS Max, Average Cam Pro, SnapSeed

Segment 1: Using the iPhone as a Creative Tool

In this segment of the workshop, I'll demonstrate a host of apps, sharing how I use them to create special effects including painterly, black and white, and vintage images. You will have the opportunity to follow along on your device, and you'll complete an assignment that ensures you'll try for yourself many of the iPhone camera features available. 

Any iPhone will work fine, although older phones may not have some of the features that will be covered, but that's okay!
Fuji X-T2, Processed in Topaz Studio
(Note to Android Users: Android users are welcome to attend with the understanding that all demonstrations will be done on an iPhone. Many apps that work on both iPhone and Android platforms will be featured, but some apps and native camera demonstrations will be specific to the iPhone.)

iPhone 11 Pro Max, Lightroom for Mobile Camera and RAW Processing

In Segment 1 you'll learn how to:
  1. Get the most from your iPhone's Native Camera features including LIVE mode, Portrait Mode, Burst Mode, and Panorama.
  2. Apply a standard SnapSeed workflow and learn some SnapSeed "secrets!"
  3. Use apps to apply textures, tones and painterly effects
  4. Blend images to achieve unique looks 
  5. Create various abstracts from colorful scenes using two different apps
  6. Create beautiful panoramas
  7. Photograph action and get just the scene of the action you WANT!
  8. Easily create long exposures to create "soft water" and other effects
  9. Record and process RAW files for maximum quality from your iPhone
  10. Create and process images of people, flowers, and other subjects using Portrait Mode (on cameras later than iPhone 7+)
  11. Extract one frame from an iPhone video and process it as a single image.
And much more!

Prior to the event you'll receive a list of apps to download to your iPhone. (Estimated $10-$15 Max)

Fuji X-T1, 720nm Infrared, Processed in Topaz Studio 2

Segment 2: Crafting Images with Topaz Tools

I have been a Topaz Affiliate Representative for nearly five years. I love and use Topaz tools everyday to process both traditional camera images and mobile images.

Although it's not necessary, you are invited to bring your laptop and follow along as I demonstrate Topaz Studio 2 and a host of tools accessible from within this interface. Although Topaz Studio 2 can be used as a plug-in to Photoshop and Lightroom, I will work with the Topaz products as stand-alone tools. 

Given that Topaz runs on Mac and PC, and given the number of tools and different ways to access them, there is not time during the workshop to address all the different interfaces. 

Therefore, I will demonstrate the functionality of the different tools as stand-alone. They function identically whether using "plugged in" to Photoshop or Lightroom, or as a stand-alone application, but we will not cover installing the plug-ins and addressing the relationship with these other products.

Fuji X-T2, Processed in Topaz Studio 2

In Segment 2, you'll learn how to:
  1. Process files in Topaz Studio 2 with a simple workflow that can be used for most images.
  2. Apply a workflow for infrared files
  3. Import your own textures into Topaz Studio 2
  4. Apply and edit textures 
  5. Use Topaz Impression from "scratch" or, by editing various "looks" that are included in Studio 2
  6. Use Topaz Mask AI to eliminate backgrounds and replace with textures
  7. Create and Save your own custom Looks to apply to other images
  8. Apply Gigapixel AI to small files (eg, mobile images) and increase their size by six times with integrity
  9. Apply Clear AI and DeNoise AI to eliminate noise from any image.
And much more!

Prior to the event you'll receive a list of Topaz tools that will be covered in the workshop. Most can be installed for free on a 30-day trial basis so you can have them during the workshop. This is not a requirement for the workshop! Rather it's merely an option should you wish to.

iPhone 5

Topaz Software Discount

For those who wish to purchase, all Topaz products can be purchased at a 15% discount by following this link (https://topazlabs.com/adjust/ref/8/) and using the code RAD15 at checkout.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, Camera +2, SnapSeed

Who is Rad?

Teacher and Photographer, Rad A. Drew, creates with the iPhone, mirrorless, and infrared cameras. He is a frequent contributor to PSA Journal, and was listed in PSA’s Who’s Who in Photography 2018. His creative images have been recognized internationally and exhibited in galleries around the world including SOHO Gallery and SOHO Arthaus in NYC, the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival, and Obscura Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Rad is an associate editor for PhotoPXL.com, and the mobile art network, TheAppWhisperer . He is a contributor to The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone, serves as a Topaz Labs Affiliate, and is the creator of the popular webinar series, How I Did It!™See Rad’s work and tutorials on his websiteFacebookYouTube, and Instagram, and subscribe to his newsletter.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, Portrait Mode, SnapSeed

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$159 for Orlando Camera Club Members who register before February 11, 2020.

$169 after February 11, 2020

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