Rad A. Drew Photography: Webinar: How I Did It!™; Lightroom Mobile Magic!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Webinar: How I Did It!™; Lightroom Mobile Magic!

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Lightroom Long Exposure, Handheld!
Processed in Lightroom Mobile

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The Lightroom Mobile app has been around for a couple of years now, but the app – and our phones – just keeps getting better and better. The combination is tremendous!

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Made and Processed
in Lightroom Mobile

The mobile app, which contains four different camera apps as well as one of the best RAW processors available for mobile, is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. (For those who aren't subscribers, a free (limited) version is available, but without some of the key features. I highly recommend the full version.)

iPhone 13 Pro Max, 720nm Infrared,
Lightroom Long Exposure
Processed in Lightroom Mobile 

Join me Monday, May 23, for a 90-minute webinar as I share what I've learned about this remarkable tool.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Lightroom Long Exposure Camera
Processed in Lightroom for Mobile 

What: How I Did It!™; Lightroom Mobile Magic

When: Monday, May 23

Time: 6:30pm EST

Who: iPhone and Android

Cost: $24.95

It will be recorded!

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13 Pro Max, Infrared, Camera+2, 30 sec exposure on tripod
Processed in Lightroom Mobile

What we'll cover:
  • Lightroom camera settings 
  • How to “unlock” Lightroom’s Long Exposure camera
  • How to create extraordinary “soft water” photos without a tripod or neutral density filter
  • How to use these Lightroom camera options:
    • Auto
    • Pro
    • HDR 
    • Long Exposure
  • A workflow to process RAW files using Lightroom’s remarkable RAW editor
  • A workflow for processing Infrared Images made with the iPhone
  • Lightroom’s remarkable masking feature for selective adjustments
Questions? Email me!

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Processed in Lightroom Mobile

This webinar is not all about Long Exposure. This image of the tulip was create with the Native camera in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, then opened in Lightroom Mobile. I used the masking remarkable masking tool to eliminate a busy background allowing the image of the tulip to be the star of the show!

I hope to see you Monday.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pro RAW, 77mm camera
Processed in Lightroom Mobile
Stylized in SnapSeed and Distressed FX