Rad A. Drew Photography: Webinar Presentations for Your Club or Business Group!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Webinar Presentations for Your Club or Business Group!

Fuji X-T2 Image Processed in Topaz Studio 2

Thank you for considering me as a presenter for your photo club. I’d be delighted to do a webinar for your group. I’ve been doing one or two presentations a week for camera clubs and business groups around the world since the pandemic hit, about mid-March, 2020. The most distant presentations have been for clubs in Melbourne, Australia, southern England, and Israel! 

When the pandemic hit, I reduced my rate for a 60-90 minute presentation to $250 for clubs with fewer than 75 members. 

For larger groups, my rate varies depending on the size of the group. We can arrive at a flat rate based on group size, or, as I've done a number of times, we can charge a small fee for the webinar, open the event to non-club members to attract a larger audience, and share the proceeds. 

The webinar software I use is ZOOM. I will host and record the presentation and make it available for at least 30 days after the event date. 

Duke, iPhone 11 Pro Max, native camera, processed with SnapSeed

The most popular (and I think most relevant) topics today have been these:
  • SnapSeed for iPhone and Android
  • Lightroom for Mobile for iPhone and Android
  • Topaz Tools (Studio 2, Mask AI, DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI)
Please suggest other topics if you have something else in mind. If it's in my repertoire, I'll do my best to accommodate!

Tuscany, iPhone XS Max, Lightroom Pro Camera,
Processed in Lightroom for Mobile

The Lightroom for Mobile presentation is a great presentation that can bridge the gap from less to more experienced. It allows us to create and process RAW all on the iPhone, Android, or tablets. For those who already subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud, the app is included in the subscription. For those who don’t subscribe (and don’t want to), a free version is available. The free version excludes three tools — SelectiveHealing, and Geometry — none of which is necessary for recording and processing RAW files. I’m happy to do whatever you think will be of most interest to your group.

Poppies and Olive Grove, Tuscany
Fuji X-T2, processed with Topaz Studio 2

If I present for you, I’ll create two landing pages for your club. 
  1. The first is a Welcome page for you to send to your club members. It has a description of the webinar, a short bio on me, and a link to register for the webinar. 
  2. The other is a Thank You page that I send out to participants after the webinar. It offers a thank you and provides links to the photography resources I have to share, and includes a link to the webinar that can be viewed for at least 30 days after the event.
Vinales Valley, iPhone Pro Max, Processed in SnapSeed.

I ask each club to provide a volunteer to serve as Q&A Log Monitor. This person will monitor the Q&A Log for questions that come in and interrupt me if there’s a timely question that won’t wait. We’ll close with a Q&A session. I will also print the Q&A Log, review it, and respond to any unanswered questions. If you are unable to provide a volunteer, let me know and I’ll make other arrangements.

Old Car, Palouse, Lightroom Pro Camera, RAW file processed
in Lightroom for Mobile

I will set up a 15 minute “practice” session a day or two before the presentation for the Q&A monitor volunteer and your organization leaders who want to address the group. It only takes a few minutes to check the audio set up, but it can save headaches the night of the presentation.


Discounts, Learning and Resources

As a presenter to your club or business group, I can offer the following opportunities and discounts on useful editing tools.

Personal Learning Opportunities

Learn about my online, customizable individual sessions here, or email me to learn about small group sessions. You can participate with a group of your own friends, or be part of a group of other like-minded mobile photographers.

These on-line, one-on-one or small group learning experiences are a great way to jump-start your adventure with iPhone photography. 

These intimate on-line sessions allow for interaction and Q&A not always possible in a webinar with many participants. 

Topaz Labs Discounts

Eastern Point Lighthouse processed in Topaz Studio 2, Impression

Many of you are familiar with the great desktop tools from Topaz Labs. I've used Topaz tools for about five years now and create regularly with the tools in Topaz Studio 2, as well as the Topaz line of artificial intelligence tools like DeNoise AI and Gigapixel AI.

Use my affiliate link and code for a 15% discount on all Topaz tools (even those on sale)!

Follow this link: https://topazlabs.com/ref/8/

Use code RAD15 at checkout

Luminar 4 Discounts

Processed with Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is the latest tool in my bag of editing software. I love how intuitive the interface is and that it works well with the other tools I've enjoyed for years, especially, Topaz tools. - Rad

Use my affiliate link and code for $10 OFF Luminar 4 and other Skylum tools (even sale items!):

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Flypaper Textures Discounts

Flypaper Textures

Use my affiliate link and code for 15% OFF Flypaper Textures. 

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Use code RAD at checkout.

Thank you!

Rad A. Drew, photo © Sally Meyer Wolf

Thank you for considering me as a presenter. Especially, as so many are struggling with the current situation, your consideration of me as a speaker means a lot.

Be safe and stay well.