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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn


Fishing Boats near Trinidad, Cuba
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iPhone 4s
Although I teach a iPhone workshops to a lot of people each year, some are unable to attend due to scheduling or distance, and some just want focused, one-on-one attention around their specific interests. 

I'm pleased to offer an On-line Personal iMentoring Program designed for those who want to improve their iPhone Photography skills but are unable to attend a workshop, or simply want more private, concentrated, tailored instruction.

Classes are great, but no class will advance your skills as quickly as time with a mentor who learns your needs and builds an individualized learning experience. Each iMentoring session is tailored to the student's individual needs and goals as an iPhoneographer. We begin with a brief questionnaire so you can help me understand your interests. You'll determine what we'll cover.

Through critiques of your work, I'll offer observations about composition and address elements of art design including texture, line, space, color, form, shape, and tone.

We will cover the topics that interest you.

The price for 4 sessions is $425 and includes:
  • four 45 minute live sessions
  • 24 images critiqued over the four sessions
  • questions answered and support via e-mail or FB messenger
  • suggestions for iPhone accessories such as external batteries, tripods, and attachable lens systems
  • membership in a private Facebook group where you can meet, exchange, and be inspired by fellow iPhoneographers
Please contact me here to set up a session.

Michigan City Lighthouse
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iPhone 6+

Just Need a Tune Up? 

Don't want to make a 4-session commitment, but need a refresher or focused session on what you want to learn? 

We will meet for 90 minute sessions for $130 (anything less just isn't long enough!). Before we meet, you'll tell me what you want/need and I'll work with you to help you learn new apps and processing techniques that will allow you to improve the quality of your images and move you toward fulfilling your unique creative vision! 

Please contact me here to set up a session.

What Recent Students are Saying

Your iMentoring sessions were amazing and just the perfect way for me to learn. Having a one-on-one experience is something you can't achieve from a static online course. Being able to interact real time, ask questions, and actually watch as you step through the apps was something that helped me understand some of the "hidden" secrets within the apps that would have taken me a long time to discover on my own. I looked forward to each session and couldn't wait to try out what I'd learned...you made learning fun.

– Mary D, North Carolina

I found iMentoring to be highly educational and Rad to be as entertaining as he is knowledgeable. Not only have I learned from his excellent “eye," his passion was key in helping me identify, structure and enhance my phone photos through editing and software suggestions. Working in an on-line setting made this convenient, and it was fun to focus together to edit and enhance my photos. I would recommend this class to anyone from a beginner to a middling hobbyist like myself who wants to fine-tune his / her skill and strive to make art from the modest phone photo. 

–Tom L., Indianapolis

This is all good information. I appreciate your knowledge, hospitality and patience! Thanks for writing up notes after each session and for taking time to show me the iPhone apps. You've helped me see the world through the eyes of an artist.

– Jimmy A, North Carolina